Flexible & Durable Waterproof Silicone Swimming Cap - 10 x 2 Piece Set

Brand: Accurate Rubber

Product Code: OD-SWCP-PB-1024

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$34.99 $39.99
  • Dome-shaped, stretchable and flexible design to suit your head quite well
  • Made from high performance Non-Toxic, Durable Silicone Rubber Material
  • Ultra-soft design which makes it more comfortable
  • Waterproof design, better sealing performance, will not leak underwater, better protection of the head
  • It will protect your hair from the effects of chlorine
  • Swimming cap without latex, suitable for latex allergy, has a good neutral odor, does not produce allergic reactions
  • Ideal for pool or beach swimming
  • It will be shipped in Mix & Match assorted colors from Neon Orange, Lime Green, Blue, Red, Purple
  • Price for 10 sets. Each set contains 2 pieces of same color. Total 20 pieces
  • Color : Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple